Peoria County Bright Futures

'Preschool For All'
Mission Statement

Peoria County BRIGHT FUTURES is an Illinois State Board of Education funded, award winning, Preschool for All and Prevention Initiative program aimed at preparing young children for future school success while providing a community centered support system for families to thrive in.  We celebrate and value the uniqueness of each child and their family by working together to build a happy and healthy foundation for a positive school experience. Bright Futures partners with our families, schools and communities to reflect diversity and promote continuous learning for all.

**Mission Statement was created as a family, staff and community partnership**



This is a Snap Shot of the quality Peoria County Bright Futures Classroom, reflecting 'Best Practices' in early childhood.

The Bright Futures classroom...

  • is made up of qualifying 3 and 4 year olds, based on screening results

  • has a maximum of 20 children per classroom

  • offers blended classrooms, with 15 students (5 early childhood special education/10 Bright Futures qualified), in Farmington, Elmwood, Dunlap, Illini Bluffs, Oak Grove, Peoria Heights, Pleasant Hill and Princeville. 

  • offers a child centered atmosphere and environment

  • is a rich learning environment with a wide range of materials for all learners

  • A research base curriculum, Creative Curriculum, approved by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)

  • has a 4 year degreed, certified teacher and qualified assistant, approved by ISBE.

  • schedule is a minimum of 2 1/2 hours class time, five days a week

  • offers morning and afternoon sessions

  • offers transportation in various school districts

  • offers daily snacks

  • implements ongoing student assessment 

  • schedules annual fall and winter parent conferences

  • encourages parent volunteers/involvement to support the classroom

  • takes fieldtrips as part of the PNC Grow Up Great Program

  • plan family 'special events'

  • encourages families to share their culture and family strengths

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